About us

We are a company that goes beyond the concept of a classic staffing agency by providing clients with much more in the field of staffing.

In my current job, I am trying to make use of my many years of experience in internal HR. Positive feedback from clients, whom we often help to solve difficult situations in the field of HR, is important to me.
I am also pleased with the satisfaction of the candidates whom we have appropriately placed on the labor market.


I am pleased that together with the client we are solving his specific needs and possibilities for improvement. It gives me satisfaction that candidates appreciate our individual approach and finding a suitable position where they are satisfied in the long term.


Finding the right intersection between the client’s requirements and the candidate’s needs is a long shot. It is important for me to perceive the client correctly, get to know their culture and needs and, on the other hand, pass this information on to the candidate. A satisfied client and a satisfied employee is what fulfills me the most in this job.


"The training was organized and conducted at a professional level. The course of the training was smooth and engaging, and at the end of the day I felt that I had received a complete set of knowledge appropriate to the length of the training."
Michal K. - Engineering Team Leader
Linxon Slovakia Engineering, s.r.o.
"I appreciate that the training was done in such a way that we could also actively join in and try it out in practice."
Pavol B. - Engineering Team Leader
Linxon Slovakia Engineering, s.r.o.
"We are an IT company and thanks to the organized assessment centers from ADUCO, we can direct the development of our colleagues directly and according to precisely estimated needs."
Monika M. - People Partner
Bart sk, s.r.o.
"Our company was founded on a green field and 70% of the employees were transferred to us by the company Aduco in a period of 9 months. Despite the fact that we also approached other agencies, it was Aduco who was able to provide us with the required amount and they always knew how to make the first selection so efficiently that the interview with us was just a personal meeting with the candidate."
Iveta B.
VSS, Chief Administrative Officerring, s.r.o.
"Your professionalism and willingness to listen and address the needs of applicants is outstanding. Your commitment to transparency and additional information regarding the recruitment process gave me confidence and trust in working with your company."
Peter P.
"I have been following Aduco on LinkedIn for a long time, not because I was looking for a job, but because I wanted to know how it perceives the labor market. I was contacted by information about a new international company, since I have a background in economics and HR, so I contacted them. she called me to tell me more about it. The rest went very smoothly, a meeting through teams, then a meeting with the manager who built the entire company and a quick start. It was as quick as my approach to daily activities, and today I am sitting in a modern company and I cover the Administration department in a company with more than 100 employees. Many thanks."
Iveta B.