How to adapt a new leader in a team

“You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.”

Dale Carnegie 

Who will find the training useful?

  • To the new leader / manager
  • Deputy leader / manager
  • Suitable even if there is an exchange of several members in the team
  • Company / team

What will we talk about?

  • What are the team’s concerns and expectations from the arrival of the new boss?
  • What information does the team need about the new boss?
  • How to tune in to each other to achieve successful cooperation between the boss and the team?
  • How to reconcile the expectations of the boss – team in everyday reality?

The benefits?

  • Shortening the adaptation of the new boss from months to days
  • Shortening the adaptation of a newcomer in a team from months to days
  • Clarification of team priorities and directions
  • Fading of fears and change of atmosphere = more efficient functioning of the team